Workers Compensation

The Cypress Fairbanks Occupational Medicine Department (OccMed) provides coordinated services to increase employer efficiency, quickly treat workplace injuries and provide high quality post-injury care. The hospital also provides employers with important information regarding upcoming changes in the Texas Workers’ Compensation system.

Worker’s compensation services from the Occupational Medicine Department include:

  • Customer service for employee and employer
  • Workplace injury treatment
  • Post-injury medical care coordination
  • Pre-employment services
  • Random drug and alcohol testing services
  • Contracted with many Texas Workers’ Compensation networks

Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center’s OccMed Department is backed by the resources and experience of the Cy-Fair Regional Health Network. When necessary, physical therapy, advanced diagnostic testing, and hospitalization are available at the hospital.

We do not employ specialty physicians, which gives us a desirable level of separation in caring for each injured employee. The specialists we refer to are well versed in work injury cases, but do not have any financial ties to our clinic, urgent care, or hospital.

If your clinic is not treating you the way you deserve, then come see our difference. Contact us today.